In addition to the Vrbovec Museum and the Bohač double hayrack, there are other cultural and historical sights worth visiting in Nazarje. Select what interests you and we will gladly help you prepare a programme for an interesting, diverse and educational trip.

1.Museum of Forestry and Carpentry

We will take you back to the time of former foresters and carpenters in the Upper Savinja Valley. You will relive their life, and the already forgotten traditions and ways of work in times without modern tools. We will present some interesting facts about the forests, trees and wood, and you will be able to check your knowledge of domestic tree species.

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: €2.50/person
Museum of Forestry and Carpentry
Bohač Double Hayrack

2.Bohač Double Hayrack

A guided tour of the hayrack will get you acquainted with its history. You will see the exhibition Nazarje Through Time, which will take you through the development of Nazarje and the surrounding towns. The sales and exhibition space in the attic of the double hayrack will certainly impress you with handmade, unique handicraft and arts products.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: €1.50/person
Under the double hayrack, local growers will prepare tastings and lunch for the visitors. You can try genuine delicacies from the Upper Savinja Valley: bread from the brick oven, cured Upper Savinja Valley stomach sausage and other home-made dried-meat products, home-made cheese and spreads, pates, home-grown vegetables, and juice.
Price: tasting: €4.20/person
lunch: €6.20/person

3.Franciscan Monastery with the Church of Mary of Nazareth

On the hill above Nazarje, the Ljubljana Bishop Tomaž Hren commissioned a Loreto chapel in the years from 1624 to 1627. After a few years, the management was taken over by the Franciscans, who built a monastery, and in 1661 they added a church, surrounding the Loreto chapel. As early as in 1639, the Franciscans finished with the construction of the monastery which became famous for its own pharmacy and an extensive library.

The Franciscan monastery fathers will reveal secrets of the library, which keeps texts from the 11th century onwards, and includes special treasures, such as two copies of Dalmatin's Bible (1584) and Trubar’s translation of gospels (1582). You will also visit the church with predominantly Baroque ornaments and learn about the history of Loreto chapel.

Duration: 45–60 minutes
Price: €2.00/person
Franciscan Monastery with the Church of Mary of Nazareth
Franciscan Monastery

4.Monastery of the Poor Clares – the Clarisses

Located next to the Franciscan monastery is the Monastery of the Poor Clares. In it, sisters who live in seclusion – away from the world, dedicate their days and nights to prayer. In addition to praying, they study spirituality, practice church singing, bake sacramental bread, maintain the garden and do various household and other manual works (sewing, creating bobbin lace, embroidery).

Due to the strict order, entry to the monastery is not allowed. Despite that, the Clarisses gladly host visitors in the outer chapel, sing songs and tell stories about their exceptional way of life.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: voluntary contributions

The house where the painter Jože Horvat Jaki lived and created for many years was purchased by the Nazarje Municipality and converted into a learning centre and a gallery.

In the artist's former studio, rearranged as a gallery, you will be able to admire a permanent exhibition of paintings donated to the local community by Jože Horvat. Occasionally, the former artist’s gallery hosts exhibitions of renowned Slovenian fine artists, organised by the local cultural society several times a year.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: €1.00/person

6.Food Offer

In Nazarje and the surrounding area, lunch for groups will be gladly prepared in the Vrbovec Castle Inn, Bohač Inn and Pizzeria or in Ranč Burger Veniše.


The programme includes:

  • Guided tour of the Mozirski gaj flower park and the exhibition of flowers in Mozirje
  • Guided tour of the Museum of Forestry and Carpentry in the Vrbovec Castle in Nazarje
  • Return ticket for a cable car to the Golte ski resort
  • Lunch in the Golte hotel restaurant
  • Guided tour of the Alpine Garden in Golte
Information and booking of groups for the Let’s Go to the Savinja Valley programme:
Golte d.o.o., phone: +386 (0)3 839 11 01, e-mail:

Price per person:

Adults: €23.50/person
Primary, secondary school: €16.50/person
Retired persons: €22.50/person

Additional payment:

  • Guidance by a local guide from Mozirje to Golte: €50/group
  • Experiential guidance in the Mozirski gaj flower park: €100/group
Mozirski gaj flower park
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