Museum's History

The wish for protection and presentation of cultural heritage in the fields of forestry and timber industry has been present in the Savinja valley for more than a decade amongst the local inhabitants as well as within professional institutions. Both branches have been the source of income and possibility for making a living for the majority of the local population. The idea to present and protect the cultural heritage then became true in the year of 1999 when the Community of Nazarje started to think intensively about establishing a public institute to deal with museum activities. In the same year the project was ready and in January 2000 The Vrbovec Museum was established by the Community Council. It houses a museum of forestry and timber industry and takes care for preserving the cultural heritage.

The museum was established in order to keep a record, collect, save the documents, keep them and present the heritage of timber industry and forestry and to bring it closer to masses as well as to develop the sense for cultural heritage. After having prepared the records, collecting information and material, a permanent exhibition was set up and has been opened to public since September 2001.

Vrbovec Museum


  • The museum keeps a record, saves documents, protects and presents the cultural heritage in the field of forestry and timber industry in the area of Upper Savinja Valley.
  • Since it was established, it has taken over an important task: to educate and do research work, and to attract the interest of the public.
  • It prepares topic based exhibitions, it publishes expert publications and makes its activity popular
  • It broadens the conscience about the meaning of heritage
  • It stimulates inquisitiveness and interest, and shares its story of the past with the visitors.
Vrbovec Museum
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